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Case References

Leather Wallet Case Collection

The leather wallet case can provide a well-rounded protection for your phones as well as a wallet function. They are designed to organize your daily items, such as cash, ID cards, bills, etc. To differentiate our products in the market, we apply new process to this kind of products by studding inlays, adding appliques or self-developed process to create the 3D effect.


Also, we try to develop more designs with practical functions, especially for women fashion or car use. Let’s discuss further if needed.

Leather cover

Less is more. This kind of case is slim and easy to carry, and it also fits snugly around your phone, so it’s very popular and classical.

We use selected leather piece to make this case. On one hand, we select crocodile-effect leather, snakeskin-effect leather, pebbled leather, saffiano or full grain leather as the material. The different leather types have their own nature and textures and can make these leather covers stylish and lively. On the other hand, new processes are combined with artisanal work, which can lead to these cases more colorful and personalized.

Also, you can choose the style with card slots on the back. This can bring you the convenience to carry cards when you go out.

Leather cables

Focused on high-end market with premium craft. MFI certificated for the lightning charger cable. 

There are many leather cables on the market, but very few are genuine leather cables with fine craft. Our cables are coated with genuine leather and the quality is accepted by big brands in the global market. We are proud that we have special competitive edges due to more than 12 years of experience.

Wireless charging leather pad      New

  • ANTI-SLIP: Waterproof coating help your mouse get an accurate tracking and click. Non-skid backing avoid the mouse pad from sliding.
  • SUPER SMOOTH: Super smooth surface offers precise mouse movement. Perfect base for maximum grip. Perfect for laser and optical mouse.
  • MATERIAL: felt and leather. Size: 25.8*19.5 cm/ 10.2*7.7 inches. Color: Black/brown or other customized colors.
  • PREMIUM DESIGN: Elegant leather design with stitched edges.
  • Qi wireless charging function is stable and effective.

Leather gadgets

More creative and personalized small leather gadgets to expand your business of leather goods.


We provide a wide range of small leather goods as the accessory to sync with other luxury leather goods. They can be elevated gift choice or promotions for commercial purpose.


One of the biggest advantages of choosing us as a supplier is that we can use new process and advanced technology to create distinctive features to make products fresh and competitive. More innovative designs and multicolor choices for you not only exquisite workmanship and classy quality.

  • Direct factory, no overheads. We can offer our clients honest prices.
  • Professional technical team to solve the quality issue, applying new process and technology to create new distinctive features on products.
  • Sophisticated craftsman to keep the fine craft
  • Quality control is strictly carried out by machines and QC team.
  • Catalogue is updated every quarter, offering more elevated and personalized choices.

Comments from our partners


A storekeeper on Amazon


Walicase LTD is a great supplier, offering us super quality goods and ensuring on-time delivery. It’s no surprise that they have a wide range of small leather goods because of daring to develop new things.


Designer From a famous brand in the US


We consider Walicase as an amazing vendor through cooperating for 5 years in the leather goods line. They can complete each project to meet our standards and expectation. More importantly, they can offer one-stop service for several product lines. From the point of my view, Walicase is absolutely a wise choice.

About US

Walicase has been growing up with an overall group from self-developing, manufacturing to marketing and selling since 2006. We are proud of having a wide range of innovative and classy leather goods and winning long-term cooperations with some brands in the global market.

At the beginning of this business, our founder is deeply influenced by the words of Pietro Beccari, CEO of Fendi---“to be daring, to break the rules, to go beyond what has already been done”. We are convinced to optimize each detailed process to make our products different and competitive. In fact, we apply new process and new technology to create more innovative designs and multicolor choices for you not only exquisite workmanship and classy quality. Considering the commercial advantage and competition, these new and featured products are not open on the website. If interested, contact us to talk further.

We are always on the journey of learning. Keeping up the fashion and market trends is also what we go about. Let’s work together to embrace a promising future.